Ontological Gender Equality in the Qur’an

Equality is emphasised in the Qur’an repeatedly through referencing the origin and nature of human creation. The Qur’an describes humans as biologically different, but ontologically and ethically-morally the same as both women and men originate from a single Self. They thus have been given the same natures. The Qur’an instructs believers to Reverence Your [Rabb], Who created you From a … Continue reading Ontological Gender Equality in the Qur’an

Shari’a Law — It’s Not What You Think It Is

It’s really time for people – Muslims and Non-Muslims – to understand this before they head into any discussion about Shari’a. When Shari’a is mentioned, most people will say that it means Islamic Law. You’ll find a considerable amount of people who would say that Shari’a law was something fashioned over a thousand years ago; a regressive code … Continue reading Shari’a Law — It’s Not What You Think It Is

“Religion is nothing but a signpost to God. If you believe there is something beyond the material, and if you want to commune with that “thing” then it helps to have a set of symbols and metaphors to help you talk about it – both to yourself and to other people. That is ALL religion … Continue reading